Why a Croc Bag over a skip bin?2019-07-16T16:18:45+10:00

Why use a CROC BAG over a skip bin?

  • Cheaper, in some case by 40% for the same volume of rubbish.
  • Save time by having extra bags onsite.

    If you have more waste than one bag can hold just open another bag and you are good to go!
    With a skip you would have to wait until the skip bin company has time to come and take away your first skip and then return it after they empty it. If someone else has booked your skip after you, you could be waiting weeks for a second skip bin.
    With CROC BAGS, you will lose zero time!

  • No time constraints, take as long as you want to fill it, a day, a week or years. It’s no problem.

    Most skip bin companies give you 3 days to fill the skip before they want to pick it up.

  • You can have multiple bags left around your property.

    This will save the back and forth walking that is required by a skip bin. You can even put it over a fence or in a garage (see bag placement requirements).
    With skip bins they are delivered to one spot and have to stay in that one spot until picked up. Due to skip bins being made from heavy metal, skip bins can damage your driveway or nature strip.