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CROC BAGS are changing the way rubbish
is collected in Australia

The process is as easy as BUY IT, BAG IT, BYE BYE

What is a Croc Bag (Buy it)


Call 1300 71 81 92 or Purchase Online Now
You can purchase the bag only or bag & collection. The choice is yours!

What is a Croc Bag (Bag it)


Place all your rubbish in the bag.


Book your pick up by calling  1300 71 81 92 or Book Online Now . If you have not paid for the pick up yet, you need to pay at this point in time. You can also choose to pay at time of pick up.

Each CROC BAG holds up to 3 cubic meters of rubbish

Thats the same as…
Wheelie Bins x25


120 Litre Wheelie Bins
Foot Trailers x4


6×4 Foot Trailers

The CROC BAG is made from woven polypropylene making the bag extremely strong! Our bags have been tested to meet Australian standards for lifting and strength.

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