How big is the Croc Bag?2020-08-13T16:15:49+10:00

LARGE in size!

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Each CROC BAG holds up to 3 cubic meters of rubbish

That’s the same as…
Wheelie Bins x25


120 Litre Wheelie Bins
Foot Trailers x4


6×4 Foot Trailers

The CROC BAG is made from woven polypropylene making the bag extremely strong! Our bags have been tested to meet Australian standards for lifting and strength.

Do you have more rubbish than what will fit into one bag?

That’s fine, just order more bags!

If you end up having left over bags, let us know when you are booking the CROC BAG pick up and we will refund you for the bags you wish to return. The driver will pick up the unwanted bags when he picks up the filled ones. All bags must be returned in their original packaging.