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You can you use your Croc Bag for all Demolition Waste, Construction Waste, garden waste, metal, timber, white goods and more, for our full list please check out our “What can & can’t I put in bag” page. Or if your still not sure please feel free to give us a call.

The bag can be placed anywhere on your property that our trucks can access, the bags are designed so that you can move them around your property but keeping mind not to over fill it at the start or you won’t be able to move it. Where ever the bag ends it must be at most 4 meters away from where our trucks can park and have clear path with no obstruction in the crane’s way. Please keep in mind there can’t be any over hanging powerline or trees. If your still not sure please feel free to give us a call to discuss any further requirements.

The croc bag is yours after purchasing, keep it for as long as you like, once you have filled your bag and are ready for collection give us a call or book online.

No unfortunately, since we don’t know what you and your bag will get up to, we cannot guarantee the structural integrity of the bag, the croc bags designed and tested for single trip use only. We take it way and recycle it along with the rest of your waste.

Unfortunately, we can’t service all areas on our regular routes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come and collect it, please give us call to discuss your requirements.

Yes, you can take the bag to the tip yourself. However please keep in mind of tip fee’s, please contact your local tip for pricing information.

Once ordered, please allow 1-3 business days for your bag to arrive by either one of our own employees or Australia post, however we find that most of our bags if ordered before 12.00pm the previous day arrives the next day, excluding weekends.

Once the you have booked a collection. We aim to collect your bag within 1-3 business days. For example, if you contacted us on Monday, your croc bag could be collected on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. However, delays do happen from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances, if you require an urgent collection be call us to see what arrangement we can make.

Yes, we do accept mattress’s but please keep in mind that the rubbish can not exceed the top of the bag, so if your mattress is to big you will have to cut it down.

600kg is the equivalent to 600 jugs of 1lite milk, 206 standard bricks, or 3, 11-foot adult male crocodiles.

If your bag is over the weight limit our driver might not be able to collect it, if our driver can’t collect due to the weight, your collection will be canceled and you will be charged a trip fee.

All bags that are collected that have been found to be over weight will be charged an additional fee of $165 per ton it is found over the bag limit, which will need to be settled before collection can be made.

Bags that weigh over 600kg will need to be placed within 1 meter of where the truck can park. If you think your bag will weigh more then 600kg please contact us to discuss options.

Yes, so long as you schedule a collection for more than one bag, if we come to collect and you have more than the scheduled amount, if we have room on the truck we can collect at the same time. payment for the other bags will need to be settled before we can take it away. If we don’t have room on the truck unfortunately another collection time will need to be arranged.

The Croc bag can be left out doors, the bag is designed to let water and other liquids seep out, however if you have materials in the bag that are absorbent it can become heavier and we may not be able to collect it. We recommend putting a tarp over your bag to keep it dry.

Also please keep in mind the Croc bag isn’t designed to be kept outside in the elements over long periods of time. We recommend not opening the bag and putting it outside until you are ready to fill it.

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