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CROC BAG General Placement

The CROC bag has to be within 4 meters from where the truck can park. There must be a clear path to the truck with nothing in the way.
You can place the bag over a fence, again though it must be within 4 meters from where the truck parks. If lifting over a fence, it is important to stick to the 600kg weight limit. Over weight bags will not be able to lift over a fence. We will also need access inside the fence on the day of pick up, so that we can hook up the bag.

CROC BAG Vertical Clearance

Where our truck parks will need to have a 5 meter vertical clear space overhead. This is so we can extend our crane and be free from hitting power lines, trees and any other structure.

CROC BAG Garage Placement

You can place the CROC BAG in your garage, however we may need to drag the bag until it is within the safe lifting distance from the truck.
If we need to drag your bag from any location due to it is not in the correct positioning, you will need to understand this may cause scrape marks or damage to the surface the bag is dragged across. You will need to complete the “Happy for Blue Croc to drag our CROC BAG “ document before we can move it.

CROC BAG Weight Restrictions

Bags that weigh over 600kg will need to be placed within 1 meter of where the truck will park. Our crane truck has a reach of 6 meters, however at this length it can only lift 450kg. The lifting capacity increases the closer to the truck the bag is, directly next to the truck we can lift 2000kg.

*The CROC BAG is to remain on your property, at no time should it be left on the footpath, nature strip, road or any public property.

*Please note all standard and green waste bags have a weight limit of 600kg, we find the majority of bags are under 600kg. If your bag weighs more than 600kg you may be charged $165 extra per ton over the limit. If your bag is over weight it may mean we are unable to remove the bag. If you think your bag will weigh more please phone 1300 71 81 92 to discuss.

*Bags shouldn’t be left out in the elements for more than 6 months as the bag can begin to deteriorate, and BLUE CROC can’t guarantee the safety of the bag, if so a new bag will have to be purchased before we can safely pick up your bag.

Unsure where to place your bag or if you are concerned about the weight of the bag?

Please phone ADRIEN on 0403 784 700